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Social BEES are a collection of 13,838 NFTs representing the burning desire to win the right way—principles before profits.

They are hard-working misfits who have a caring heart, like to enjoy their nightly party, and are crazy enough to think they can change the world. So for the past year, they have been working hard behind the Crypto scene, searching for like-minded believers of a new token-driven decentralized global economy. Where we, the people, will be rewarded for being the most valuable asset in the world.

The BUZZ of the party growing on the Ethereum blockchain has got these BEES swarming from around the world. Here, dancing atop the lines of code, they've discovered a party that will never end.

Each BEE is unique, programmatically generated. While some claim to be rarer than others, they all offer exclusive experiences and opportunities for the collectors who bring them to life.

Note: We will use 10% of all secondary sales to empower the most economically distressed areas worldwide by distributing smartphones to promote Crypto education and adoption.

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Mint = 5,019 Social BEES minted for .08383 ETH.

Empower-Mint = Every time a Social BEE is minted an additional BEE will be sent to the Empower-Mint distribution pool.

Powerful Community = Global group of highly active, supportive, determined and talented people.

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Access to crypto whales that have been educating BEES on a live inneractive nightly call for over a year

Results: $750+ Million in liquidity pools



What happens when a DeFI giant comes to the NFT space with their pfp staking game?

The sh*t hits the fan. DeFi and NFT degens get ready



    We will use 10% of all secondary sales to empower the most economically distressed areas worldwide by distributing smartphones to promote Crypto education and adoption.


    Thanks to the incredible compassion from each person who minted BEES, SBU will use the Empower-Mint NFT Pool to grant deserving people membership into this fun-loving, caring community. #TheSwarmIsComing


    Collaborate with BEES Brand Masters to release exclusive merchandise.


    Bees Will Be Granted Full Ownership Of Their Social Bees NFT Including Commercial Usage Rights


    Attend Swarm Pop-up invite-only events, Once-in-a-lifetime exclusive experiences at leading festivals and venues worldwide.


    With the power of some of the most creative people in the crypto community, anything may be accomplished when unleashing the swarm!


@BeesSocialTVcom Tim Judge Balanced BEE @BeesSocialTVcom
@NFTpepi Ray The MetaHost @NFTpepi
@Austin_DeFi Austin.M2 Crypto Philosopher @Austin_DeFi
@VinceWicker Vince DeFi Professor @VinceWicker
@RoaneTy Ty World Changer @RoaneTy
@MimsCrypto Josh Hi-Tech Redneck @MimsCrypto
@D_Ray_Crypto Dusty NFT Sniper @D_Ray_Crypto
@mairaal39929195 Maira Friendly BEE @mairaal39929195
@SushiQueen19 Sarah CryptoDot Connector @SushiQueen19
@latinmagic2021 Mireya Resilient #LatinMagic @latinmagic2021
@sushisamuraigo Sushi BEE Slice-N-Dicer @sushisamuraigo
@BeesSocial1 Patrick King Tut @BeesSocial1
@myoddsnsods Tony K The Jester @myoddsnsods
@PhillipRossII5 Phil Bee DeFi Defender @PhillipRossII5
@Kingfisherpoker Kingfisher SBU Caretaker @Kingfisherpoker
@WeGoBattlePods Rick CryptoCrisps @WeGoBattlePods
@mrdossman2u Doss Crypto Fox @mrdossman2u
@ArnoldDoobay Dr. Arnold Doobay Focused Planner @ArnoldDoobay
@CKnight6631 Christopher Swarm Unplugged Host @CKnight6631
@latinmagic2021 Janeth Loyal #LatinMagic @latinmagic2021
@beessocialespan Víctor Patiño SBU Español @beessocialespan
@BadAssCryptoD Rick Tech Wizard @BadAssCryptoD
@dorawcrypto DoraW Crypto Explorer @dorawcrypto
@Crypto_Swarm The Swarm @Crypto_Swarm

Mint Party

  • 25% Minted

    Pretty Weird Blonde gets the party started with the SBU party song. Incredible artist behind wildly popular song “Bitcoin Boi” rolls out the SBU Mint Party. Finish up your crypto homework, turn the music up and dance the night away!

  • 50% Minted

    Represent the Social BEES University with limited edition merch from the Social BEES brand masters. 25 lucky winners will recieve a Merch drop full of all sorts of SBU swag. 50% of the BEES are now swarming around the ETH blockchain and swarming IRL.

  • 75% Minted

    From the creator of the custom handmade #BeesVsVees wooden boxes, 10 random winners will receive a fully custom unique “Swarm Box.” From the world famous custom wine box craftor Scott Rogers. Scott has made custom wineboxes for many influential people such as Gary V.

  • 100% Minted

    The Social BEES swarm is unleashed. The BEES love suprises, expect the unexpected.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Social Bees University?

    13,838 Digital Art NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain

  • How do I get a Bee?

    1. Download the Metamask extension via google chrome or any other wallet.

    2. Put ETH in your connected wallet (You can send ETH from coinbase to your metamask wallet or purchase it directly from Metamask)

    3. Go to SocialBees.io at launch, click the "connect wallet" button

    4. Click "Mint" and confirm the transactions.

    5. You're Bee will show up soon in your Opensea.io account

    6 . You're now a Bee holder!

  • Where can I mint?

    SocialBees.io ONLY

  • When will my NFT be revealed?

    After the conclusion of the public sale

  • Do I have to pay gas fees?

    YES. The gas fees are fees paid to the network not to us.

  • Do I pay gas fees per NFT or per transaction?

    You pay gas fees per transaction.

  • Will the team contact you or offering you somethings for profit?

    NO! Our team will never offer you a deal, promotions, and we will never ask for your private keys.
    We only will DM you after mentioning you in chat for support purposes. Please compare the Bees Keeper user id in the Discord group with the person contacting you to verify it's not someone else pretending.

Efficient Minting

Our smart contract is optimized to reduce transaction failure, and save you in gas fees. Open community supporting diversity, inclusion, and growth based on suggestions from our Social BEES